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Are you one of the 90% or more of Americans who say they want to write a book? What would help you accomplish this dream?  Many of us need reliable habits and methods to overcome the challenges that get in the way of actually writing that book.  What would help you write freely and creatively and actually get it done?

Free Your Muse: Overcome Writer’s Block and Enhance Your Creativity by Betty Powell gives you four powerful methods to connect with your Writing Muse and move through anything blocking your creative flow.

These methods are Guided Imagery, Anchoring, Meditative Dialogue, and Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Betty chose these as the most effective ones she’d found in her experience as a creativity coach, holistic psychotherapist, and writer. She taught them in a course at the University of Delaware and the students were delighted with their results.

You too can find these results with the help of Free Your Muse and get into your creative flow to write that book!

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Writer’s Block and Enhance Your Creativity.